Car Accident Attorney in South Florida Takes a Stand Against Texting & Driving

Advances in technology are generally designed to make our lives better. Smart phones allow us to do everything from talk and text to download music or order a pizza. But when used irresponsibly, they can cause havoc on the roadways with deadly results. Everywhere you go in South Florida, people are using their smart phones. Unfortunately, there’s been a huge epidemic of catastrophes caused by distracted drivers. Accidents and fatalities have increased significantly, resulting in stricter laws against texting and driving. Although the Florida Legislature enacted the Florida Ban on Texting While Driving Law in 2013, not everyone is taking the problem seriously. Take a good look around when you’re at a stop light and it won’t take long to notice a driver texting on their phone. To help create greater awareness of this major problem, the car accident law firm in South Florida of Lieberman Injury Law is urging its clients and all drivers in South Florida to take their pledge help end texting and driving. Simply logon to the firm’s website and click on the aqua and orange icon near the lower right hand corner of the page. Fill out the information and share it with your friends.Car Accident Attorney Deerfield Beach

Each day, between 7 to 9 people in the United States are killed in car accidents due to distracted drivers using cell phones. Many others suffer minor to serious injuries. As a personal injury attorney in South Florida, Jesse Lieberman has witnessed the pain and anguish many of his clients have been forced to endure due to car accidents caused by distracted drivers. These accidents have left countless people permanently injured and even paralyzed for life. The worst part is they all could have been prevented. The offices of Lieberman Injury Law want to make sure each car accident victim is properly compensated for their injuries, damages along with their pain and suffering.

The job of a car accident attorney in South Florida is unique. Because many of their clients have been severely affected physically, mentally and emotionally, it’s important to provide compassionate representation. Many are unable to work and support their families during this very difficult time. When choosing a car accident attorney in South Florida, it’s important to select a team of legal professionals with a significant track record for looking out for the best interests of each client. Protecting car accident victims isn’t just about lip service. It’s about taking action and making a difference. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, contact the personal injury lawyers in South Florida committed to helping victims receive the proper compensation they deserve. Call the office of Lieberman Injury Law in Deerfield Beach for a free consultation today.

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