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How Long Do I Have to Seek Treatment for a Slip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents are more than an embarrassing moment in the grocery store or residential property. Beyond a bruised ego, these accidents can cause serious injuries that aren’t immediately apparent. What may feel like a minor bump or scrape could actually be fractured bones, muscular tears, or pinched nerves. The jarring nature of a slip and fall can also cause brain injuries, even if you never hit your head. If you suffered such an incident because of someone else’s negligence, Lieberman Injury Law can help you navigate a variety of slip and fall cases in Deerfield Beach. Here’s what you need to know about filing a claim.

Make Sure the Incident is Documented

It may be embarrassing in the moment, but don’t skip out on documenting your slip and fall accident. Notify the necessary parties such as the manager on duty or owner of the residential property about what happened. In some cases, you may be asked to fill out paperwork connected to the accident. Read it carefully before signing anything, or better yet, consult a personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach. Trying to rush through documenting your slip and fall could lead to you accidentally signing away your right to further injury claims.

Additionally, make sure to document the accident yourself. This includes taking pictures of the scene of your accident, including water or debris which contributed to your fall. Record the time and date as well, as this may help with locating any relevant surveillance footage. If necessary, your personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach can help you gain legal access to such recordings.

Do I Have to Go to a Doctor for File an Injury Claim?

Seeking treatment for your injuries is important—and not just for your slip and fall claim. What may at first seem like a minor annoyance can easily advance into a debilitating injury if left untreated. Getting checked out at the hospital, clinic, or with your physician also helps to document and legitimize your claim. Once a medical professional confirms the extent of your injuries, obtain a copy of your medical record and any further care you need. This will help to ensure all of your accrued costs are accounted for when filing your claim.

Confused about slip and fall cases in Deerfield Beach? Lieberman Injury Law can help! Our team of knowledgeable and experienced legal professionals can help guide you throughout the entire claims process and represent you in a court of law if necessary. We are dedicated to helping you recover the money you deserve. Contact us today for your free consultation.

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