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According to the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles have a 35 times higher crash rate than a standard vehicle. When riding one of these machines, we understand how exciting the rush of the wind can feel, however, we also understand the risks; with their lack of protection and their troubles with other vehicles on the road. In fact, three-fourths of motorcycle accidents occur because of another car. Many individuals think that weather is the main cause of the accidents, but this is not usually the case.

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In order to stay safe on the road, there are a few tips you can follow from our Boca Raton motorcycle accident attorneys. The first, and potentially most life-saving tip is to always wear a helmet. Over the age of 21, it is a choice, but we recommend the extra protection. Helmets are 37% more likely to help protect a motorcyclist in the event of a serious accident. Along with the helmet, other protective gear is strongly recommended. Leather pants, tops, and gloves can help save your skin from serious damage caused by road rash or burns. Keeping your footwear away from sneakers, and more towards boots may also be an important way to save the day.

Many people who drive a motorcycle are self-taught or taught by a family member. While it is wonderful to learn this way, it may be best to get professional classes or lessons to better understand your bike, and any possible conditions that may come up on the road. Keeping your headlights on can also provide extra assistance to passing and oncoming vehicles, letting them know you are there. Another helpful tip is to stay out of a driver’s blind spot. This could be one of the most important habits that could potentially save a motorcyclist’s life. Cars are much larger than motorcycles, and if you find yourself in a hidden position, vehicles could cut over without a second glance. This is a main cause of accidents pertaining to motorcycles in the United States.

Another vehicle related cause for motorcycle accidents is the confusion regarding a motorcyclist’s right-of-way. When pulling into a four-way stop, it’s important to watch a car’s tires to know what they are planning to do. It’s speculated that these types of crashes happen so often because of arrival-time misjudgments. Many motorists have troubles calculating the speed of oncoming motorcycles and therefore misjudge the situation. Sometimes this misjudgment has a catastrophic outcome and motorcyclists should be wary at intersections.

At Lieberman Injury Law in Boca Raton, our motorcycle accident attorneys know that accidents can be scary, especially those without the traditional padding of a standard passenger vehicle. With so much experience and knowledge regarding these types of accidents, it’s best to get someone who can help you with the logistics and steps, while you dedicate your time to recovering and getting back on track.

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