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Why Should You Hire a Car Accident Law Firm in South Florida?

Car accidents are stressful and challenging situations; even if you are not at fault, you have to deal with the damages to your property and injuries.

Last year, Florida had 341,299 crashes, with 141,250 injuries and 3,100 fatalities from accidents. Florida is in the top 15 states where you are most likely to be involved in a car accident from congestion, DUI, and reckless driving.

Things become complicated when insurance companies are involved, and you might be up against forces with more resources and money.

The best approach for leveling the playing field is to hire a car accident law firm in South Florida. Here are some of the numerous reasons for hiring us to ensure you are treated fairly and receive justice.

Increase Your Settlement

A car accident attorney in South Florida increases the settlement you will receive after the accident. As lawyers, we know the law and have seen cases similar to yours, where the other driver’s insurance company takes over.

The insurance company’s lawyers will try to get you to take a lower settlement to make the case go away. They assume that you are uninformed and want to approach you before having your attorneys working on the case.

Hiring an attorney right away increases the chances that you will receive a higher settlement. The insurance company knows they can’t manipulate you and don’t want the case to go to trial. These fears lead to larger settlements in your favor from using experienced lawyers that deal with auto accidents.

Lieberman Injury Law can help with our free consultation of your case and our professionalism. Our founder Jessie Lieberman has been practicing law for 20 years and is a published author. He knows how to deal with insurance companies to hold them accountable for the other driver’s actions.


In Florida, the statute of limitations applies for filing insurance claims and cases in auto accidents. The longer you wait to talk to a car accident law firm in South Florida, the more likely your case will become weaker. You have to deal with medical reports, examinations, filing claims documents, negotiating with the insurance company, and court papers. Everything entails making phone calls, sending emails, and ensuring the appropriate documents are filled out correctly.

Talking with an attorney right away is the best avenue to ensure that the process goes smoothly in your favor. Our attorneys know how the insurance companies work, and we can help you complete all the necessary documentation. Everything is finished before the statute of limitations, and filing deadlines expire. You get the representation you deserve and can be confident the insurance company will honor your claims fully.

Lieberman Injury Law is one of the top firms in South Florida for auto accidents, and we are ready to serve you. Throughout the process, Jessie Lieberman will monitor your case and ensure no details are left out. He is a respected attorney and is known for his attention to detail, tenacity, and fighting for his clients.

Nothing to Lose

Talking to an auto accident lawyer afterward is always an excellent idea to ensure you make all the right moves. A lawyer will listen to your case and can advise if you will benefit from their services.

You have nothing to lose from visiting with an attorney and everything to gain by finding the best firm to represent you. Your future is on the line, and you want to talk with a professional about your options. All conversations are confidential, and you have the freedom to decide who you think can best represent your interests. Talking with an attorney after an auto accident is always a good idea to get the best results.

Lieberman Injury Law uses a team approach where we put all of our resources behind your case. We know how to work with different parties and deal with various situations to ensure favorable outcomes.

These are just some reasons why you should work with a car accident law firm in South Florida. Call Lieberman Injury Law today at 954-596-9944 and see why we are the best law firm for auto accident cases. We are located near the Deer Creek Golf Club, just off of exit 42 on Interstate 95 in Deerfield Beach.

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