Your Guide to When You Should Hire a Motorcycle Attorney in Deerfield Beach, FL

Many car accidents end up being minor fender benders, with little to no damage done. However, add a motorcycle into the mix, and the likelihood of a severe accident occurring increases. Driving a car offers a lot of protection. You have a large vehicle, airbags, a seatbelt, and many other features that are added protection. But motorcycles don\’t have all of that. People seem to forget that sometimes and get into an accident with a motorcyclist. And while sometimes they aren\’t anything too severe, they have a higher potential to be deadly. You may be able to get by without an attorney for a car accident. But many motorcycle accidents require a motorcycle accident lawyer in Deerfield Beach, Florida, on the job. Our team at Lieberman Injury Law is here to tell you why and when to get a lawyer.

You are Severely Injured

Getting injured in an accident is the main reason why a motorcycle lawyer in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is necessary. If you get sent to the hospital either at the scene of the accident or after, there\’s no doubt the medical bills will get costly. Even staying overnight in the hospital can cost a pretty penny. Being in this situation is frustrating and stressful.

After all, you are injured and need to focus on getting better. But how can you when your medical bills are climbing and you had to press pause on daily life? With a lawyer on your team, we can seek justice for you and make sure the person at-fault is held accountable. Not only will you get justice and closure, but you can get compensation. Our team can fight to have the at-fault party pay your medical expenses, compensate you for other losses and damages, and compensate you for time lost working. There is no reason you, the victim, should have to be held responsible for something that is not your fault.

Your Life Has Altered

Another factor you want to consider is whether your life has changed after the accident. A prime example of this is not being able to work due to an injury, either temporarily or permanently. If you can no longer work, you won\’t be able to bring in any income for yourself and your loved ones. This occurring because of no fault of your own is extremely stressful and may even impact you mentally. But, with an attorney helping you out and representing your case, you can get compensated for this loss of income.

Instead of having to stress about how to provide for yourself and your family, you can have peace of mind that everything will be okay. Your attorney can represent you either in a settlement or during the trial to have the person accused compensate you for this loss. If the situation is temporary, they can ensure you are taken care of until you are back on your feet. If it\’s permanent, you may be able to get compensation to keep you afloat for the rest of your life.

The Damages are Extensive

The last reason for getting a motorcycle accident lawyer in Deerfield Beach, Florida, is if the damages are extensive. Motorcycles are not cheap, with some of them costing tens of thousands of dollars. Getting hit and surviving the accident with no injuries is lucky. But, your motorcycle is probably going to suffer from some damage. The best way to ensure the guilty party pays up is to have a lawyer help. Our team can gather all of the evidence of your innocence and work with the insurance company to ensure you don\’t have to pay for the damages to your motorcycle.

Liberman Injury Law Wants to Help You!

Going through a rough accident is scary and stressful, so the added financial consequences of this only make the matter more stressful.  With the help of a motorcycle accident lawyer in Deerfield Beach, Florida, you can have your medical bills, damages, and losses covered. To get your free consultation, reach out to the Lieberman Injury Law team at (954) 596-9944. We can hop on a call with you and discuss the case in more detail. If we think it\’s winnable and worth pursuing, we\’ll get started on your case immediately.

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