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3 Steps You Should Take After a Boating Accident in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Many people get into car accidents and live to tell the tale; however, boating accidents are a whole different story. It may not seem different, and the thought of water being around the boat may seem like a safety net. But, boating accidents can be terrifying and dangerous for all involved. Whether you are on the boat at fault or the vessel that gets hit, boating accidents can do some damage. Once you make it back to land or get rescued from the water, you may have a rush of emotions overcome you. Depending on how bad the accident was, you may feel overwhelmed and shook up. We know how difficult these situations are to deal with, which is why our team at Lieberman Injury Law has come up with this guide. Knowing what to do next is hard, especially when it comes to a boat accident; however, our team has your back.

Step 1: Seek Medical Treatment

The first thing you want to do is prioritize your health and seek medical treatment. Even if you feel okay, you never know if there are some internal problems. You also may still be in shock and are not feeling any pain or soreness yet. Seeing a doctor will rule out any injuries or health complications. If you do happen to have a medical problem, you can get it treated and have some proof for when you go to file a claim. It’s critical to continue to see the doctor for appointments if you are injured and start to feel better. Avoiding the doctor may tell the insurance company that your injuries are not that bad or not so legitimate. The last thing you want is to receive no compensation for medical bills because of something as silly as missing a doctor’s appointment.

Step 2: Contact the Coast Guard

Something many fail to do is contact the coast guard. If people saw the accident happen, they likely called the coast guard to help you. However, if not, the coast guard probably arrived at the scene after the accident. Some of their responsibilities are to help those in boating accidents and to gather evidence. Once your medical treatment is squared away, you are going to want to gather information and evidence from the coast guard. They will likely have photos, documentation, and a report. All of this is good to have for your claim. If you decide a lawsuit is appropriate, then this evidence is going to help you a lot. Before you left the accident scene, you probably got some information of your own. Just like a car accident, a boating accident will have people exchanging contact information. If you did not get pictures, don’t worry, someone else probably did. If the driver was intoxicated or messing around, be sure to hold onto any pictures proving this. For example, if there is alcohol in the photos, this could help prove the intoxication.

Step 3: Call a Personal Injury Attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida

Dealing with insurance companies all on your own can be a lot. And it may not even prove to help you as much as you had thought. The only way to get the justice you deserve is to contact a personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida. You may not think an attorney can be much help, but you would be surprised. If you have suffered from injuries and have expensive medical bills, an attorney can prove beneficial. Not only will it get you closure, but it will hold the guilty party responsible for their mistakes. While the insurance company can help, they can’t be trusted when it comes to every claim.

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If you or a loved one has recently become a victim of a boating accident, an attorney can help you. Boating accidents are stressful and can do a lot of harm. Even if you make it out of the accident unscathed, you may suffer from mental health struggles afterward. Boating accidents should not get taken lightly. With a personal injury attorney from Deerfield Beach, on your side, you can get the closure and justice you deserve. To learn more about how an attorney from Lieberman Injury Law can help you, reach out to us today. We can be reached at (954) 596-9944.

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