Are you Injured?

Lieberman Injury Law Can Help You with Injuries & Accidents of All Kinds

Whenever someone is injured and a person, organization, or company was somehow responsible—either directly or indirectly—there is potentially a personal injury claim. Personal injury cases help people recover their losses when someone else’s negligence, recklessness, or direct actions led to their injury. Have you been injured or has a loved one suffered an injury?

This Checklist is Extremely Important:

  • Record everything you can remember about the incident, noting all details
  • Immediately begin recording all medical issues, pain, doctor visits, and symptoms being experienced
  • Meet with a knowledgeable injury attorney like Jesse Lieberman, to determine if you have a legal case and to discuss the best way to pursue the case and obtain compensation

Don’t sign off on anything with an insurance company

Our goal as a personal injury law firm is to ensure that you are compensated to the fullest extent possible including payment for all medical expenses, property damages you may have suffered, loss of income, as well as all legal costs, not to mention pain and suffering. We act as your advocate and as your advisor and we have the experience and tenacity to go after even the biggest insurance companies. Remember—it is their goal to pay as little as possible.

It never hurts to consult with an injury attorney – but what you don’t know or don’t do can hurt you.

How Does the Case Process Work?


After our initial meeting, which is completely free with no obligation, if it is determined that you do have a personal injury case, we immediately go to work gathering all details pertaining to every aspect of the accident or incident that injured you or your loved one.

We do exhaustive investigations and make sure nothing is missed. We build a strong case of evidence against the responsible party or parties. Sometimes multiple entities are responsible for the injury in different ways. We use all of our resources and the latest technologies to re-create the accident and pursue those responsible. Pursuing a personal injury claim is not a speedy process, but rather, it is one of due diligence and dogged determination—and this is exactly how we work. We will update you periodically along the way, as your case progresses. We will not keep you in the dark like other law firms—especially the big ones who can’t possibly remember their clients let alone care about every case.

We take your case seriously—and we take the outcome personally. We want to succeed just as much as if it was our own family member who had been hurt. Thank you for placing your trust in us. We are ready to speak to you at your location or ours.

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