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A Trusted Car Accident Law Firm in South Florida Can Help You After a Car Accident 

It’s the summertime, one of the times of year in which the number of car accidents rises dramatically.  And the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says July 4th, followed by July 3rd are the deadliest days of the year to drive. You’ll see more officers patrolling the roadways this time of year when more people are likely to drive under the influence.  Navigating streets and roadways in South Florida can be challenging.  But as we know, no matter how safely we’re driving, accidents still happen. If you or someone you know is injured in an auto accident, you need to call a car accident law firm in South Florida.  The experienced law professionals at Lieberman Injury Law can help you with your case.

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If you’re still at the scene of the accident, your first concern, of course, is to get medical help, if needed. And here are some more steps you should take:

  • Call police
  • Take pictures/video of the accident scene
  • Get names, contact information from any witnesses
  • Get driver’s license and license plate information
  • Note if there are any traffic cameras

You will also need a paper trail to bolster your case, so in the next coming weeks, keep track of the following items:

  • Receipts from any doctor’s visits
  • Receipts from any therapy sessions
  • Receipts from any services you may have to use, including lawn, laundry, daycare, etc.
  • A document from an employer about any loss of pay
  • Vehicle value/loss

You will need some guidance from a reliable source.  Lieberman Injury Law has an impressive track record of helping people injured in car accidents and other accidents, as well. We want to make sure whoever was responsible for your accident is held accountable.  If you or someone you know is injured in a car accident, call the trusted car accident law firm in South Florida – Lieberman Injury Law at (800) 973-5331, for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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