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Holiday Safety Tips from a Personal Injury Attorney in South Florida 

The holidays are here! While many people are thinking about the food and gifts, our personal injury attorney in South Florida is concerned with safety! At Lieberman Injury Law, we offer professional services for many different cases. Of course, keeping safety at the forefront first is always our goal. We’ve put together some top tips for a safe holiday season.

What are tips from a personal injury attorney in South Florida for a safe and festive time?

There are many different dangers associated with the holidays. At Lieberman Injury Law, we know that proper planning can help reduce the dangers. Our personal injury attorney in South Florida has put together some tips for the safety of you and your family:

  • Drive Safely. Roadway dangers seem to increase during the holidays. Our personal injury attorney in South Florida cannot stress enough the importance of driving safely! Make sure that you’re only hitting the road when you’ve had nothing to drink, and make sure to keep an eye out for other drivers and potential roadway dangers. Of course, refrain from texting and driving as well.
  • Cook Carefully. Many cooking mishaps can cause personal injuries. Our personal injury attorney in South Florida suggests keeping safe in the kitchen! Make sure that you’re attending your stovetop whenever you’re cooking on it. Also, make sure to keep knives and other utensils put away safely. Additionally, keep handles of pots and pans pointed away from the edge of your stovetop so children do not grab them. If you choose to deep fry a turkey, make sure to look up and follow all the safety steps!
  • Decorate Smart. Are you decorating your home with candles or other accents for the holidays? Remember to do so safely! Make sure to keep candles at least one foot away from anything that can catch fire. Additionally, make sure to keep heavy or dangerous objects out of the reach of children.

With these tips, you can put your safety at the forefront during the holidays. The holiday season can be a wonderful time for gathering family and friends, but it can also be a dangerous time if you’re not careful. At Lieberman Injury Law, we offer comprehensive support for many injury cases. Of course, avoiding personal injuries in the first place is ideal. Contact our personal injury attorney in South Florida for the best holiday safety tips.

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