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How an Attorney Can Help With a Motorcycle Accident Case n South Florida

It’s safe to say that drivers in South Florida are not the best. Once you hop on any of the major highways, it’s no wonder that Floridians have a reputation for being bad drivers. Usually, the horrible and irresponsible drivers in the state do not do too much damage besides occasionally cutting people off and causing others to honk. However, there are unfortunate instances where people will collide with others and do some damage. One car colliding with another vehicle can be pretty bad, but an automobile colliding with a motorcycle is even worse. The reason being is that motorcyclists are not protected the way a driver in a car is. These types of accidents almost always result in the motorcyclist getting injured with many fatalities happening. If you are a motorcyclist and have recently found yourself in an accident, you may want to reach out to an attorney. Here at Lieberman Injury Law, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, we have free consultation calls so that you can learn the value of your case, and get our expert’s opinion on it. Keep reading to see how an attorney can help you.

Investigate the Scene of the Accident

Once you get hit by another driver, your first move is probably going to call your insurance company, unless you are severely injured. Once everything has settled down, and you have confirmed you are going to be okay, you should call an attorney. Your insurance company will be able to help you with the accident itself, but it will not be able to help you out with your case. Having an attorney come out and investigate the scene of the accident can help with evidence. The more evidence and the more the attorney can collect from the investigation, the stronger your case will be.

Deal With Insurance Companies and Collect Data

One of the worst parts of accidents is dealing with insurance companies. They constantly hound you after the accident, even hours after. From wanting to hear your side of the story to updating you on even the smallest bit of progress in your case, it’s safe to say that it can become stressful and frustrating, especially when you are the victim. But, you don’t need to deal with the insurance company when you have an attorney handling your case. The attorney will be able to speak with the insurance companies for you and collect all the data they have from both sides.

Represent Your Case

Last but certainly not least, your injury attorney can represent your case for you if it happens to go to court, or if it gets settled. You may need medical bills paid for, have to replace your motorcycle, and have had lifestyle changes after your accident, all things you should not be responsible for when not at fault. Your attorney can gather all the evidence and build a strong case for you, then take on your opponent in court. The aftermath of an accident can be brutal, especially if you are unable to live life as usual, such as go to work and spend time doing your favorite activities. Without an attorney, you may have a difficult time getting justice, the insurance company may be challenging to work with, or the other person may try and claim 50/50 fault. However, with a Lieberman Injury Law attorney, you can have peace of mind that you will see the justice and reparations you deserve.

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If you have recently been involved in a motorcycle accident and are having a difficult time seeking justice, don’t wait any longer and reach out to our attorneys today. Our team can help you out by investigating the accident, deal with the insurance company, collect data and evidence, and, most importantly, represent you in court. With us on your side, you can expect to receive the reparations you deserve and have peace of mind that justice is served. To learn more about Lieberman Injury Law, located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, or to get your free consultation, give our team a call today at (954) 596-9944. Our team is looking forward to helping you get the justice you deserve!

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