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How to Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in New York

Few people use their cars to commute in New York, but it’s still a motorcycle riders playground and motorcycles are a common sight on New York roads. Unfortunately, New York is well-known for aggressive drivers, so every ride exposes motorcyclists to countless dangers.

It’s important to wear protective gear, but cautious and defensive motorcycle riding techniques can also go an exceedingly long way.

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In this article, we’ll share the most common causes of motorcycle accidents so you can avoid them and minimize risk.

Use Caution Making Left-Hand Turns 

Crossing an intersection when another vehicle is making a left-hand turn is said to be the most dangerous maneuver for motorcyclists. These accidents occur when vehicles make a left turn and collide with the motorcycle, typically while the rider is going through an intersection.

You can prevent a left turn accident by:

  • Slowing down your motorcycle
  • Checking oncoming traffic
  • Observing all vehicles
  • Wearing visible clothing

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Look Out for Possible Head-On Collisions 

A head-on collision between a vehicle and a motorcycle happens when the front of a motorcycle collides with the front of a vehicle. Unfortunately, head-on collisions are often fatal for the motorcycle rider.

Due to the force of the impact, the motorcycle rider is usually catapulted from the bike or crushed on impact. If your loved one was the victim of a head-on collision, call our office to speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer.

As a motorcycle rider, you can take steps to prevent head-on collisions from occurring. A few of them are listed below:

  • Obey the rules of the road
  • Be a defensive motorcycle rider
  • Don’t ride your motorcycle drunk
  • Keep your motorcycle in good condition

What should you do if a head-on collision is unavoidable?

Try to aim your motorcycle for something stationary, like bushes, rather than a moving vehicle. This can minimize damage on impact.

Apply Caution When Cars Switch Lanes

Motorcycles aren’t easily detected in a driver’s blind spot. Therefore, when a driver attempts to switch lanes, they may hit the rider because they’re unable to see the rider in the next lane.

As a motorcycle rider, you should make sure you see the driver’s face in the mirror, or at the very least, be able to see the mirrors of the driver in front of you.

If you do find yourself in a blind spot, speed up or slow down so the driver can see you.

Lane Splitting

New York is the third most congested city in the world – not just the country.  So, it goes without saying that, as a motorcycle rider in New York, you’re going to experience your share of traffic. When in traffic, it may be tempting to ride your motorcycle between the lanes or rows of slow-moving vehicles.

This is known as lane splitting, and it’s illegal in New York.

Lane splitting is not only illegal, but it’s also extremely dangerous. Consider the proximity between you and other vehicles when lane splitting; think about the potential dangers you can face while maneuvering your motorcycle between such a narrow space.

When you envision this, you can probably see why lane splitting is illegal. If you attempt it, you put yourself at great risk along with the drivers of the car.

Watch Out for Aggressive Drivers

It’s common to come across aggressive drivers on the congested streets of New York. Even if you’re a careful rider, you can still end up getting into an accident with an aggressive driver. Your best course of action to avoid an accident is to watch out for aggressive drivers, be a defensive rider, and wear protective gear. This will help you avoid them altogether.

If you do find that you’re in close proximity to an aggressive driver, be sure to add some distance between yourself and their vehicle. It is also important to keep an eye on them and the cars around them, as those drivers might not be as vigilant as you!

Contact Lieberman Injury Today

These are just a few of the ways you can avoid a motorcycle accident in New York, and we are sure there are plenty more. However, accidents do happen and when they do, you need a motorcycle accident attorney in New York that can fight for you!

Here at Lieberman Injury, we’ve helped motorcycle riders get the justice they deserve after being in a motorcycle accident in New York. We have years of experience and we know how to navigate these cases in the best interest of the motorcycle rider. Give us a call today at 800-937-5331 to see how we can help you!

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