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Safe Riding Tips from a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Pompano Beach 

There are many reasons people take to motorcycles in Pompano Beach. Whether it’s the feeling of riding on a motorcycle or the incredible fuel efficiency offered by motorcycles, the number of motorcycles on Pompano Beach roadways is growing. At Lieberman Injury Law, we know that riding safely is key when getting on a motorcycle. Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Pompano Beach has put together some important safety tips to consider when you’re taking a ride on Pompano Beach’s roadways.

How can a motorcycle accident lawyer in Pompano Beach help me?

Motorcycle accidents are more common than many people realize. If you have been involved in an accident, calling a motorcycle accident lawyer in Pompano Beach that you can trust should be your first step. Our lawyers at Lieberman Injury Law are here to help with your motorcycle accident case. We can help you work towards the justice you deserve.

Of course, most people would choose to avoid the need to call a motorcycle accident lawyer in Pompano Beach in the first place. The roads can be especially challenging for motorcycles, but with the right preparation, you can help take some extra steps for safety on our roadways. We suggest following important safety tips:

  • Dress properly. When hitting the road, make sure you’re dressing to protect yourself in the worst-case scenario. This means always wearing a helmet, no matter what! We cannot stress the importance of a helmet enough! We also suggest wearing protective eyewear, along with clothing that can help minimize any skidding injuries. Thick leather jackets, for example, can help provide protection.
  • Make yourself visible. Unfortunately, the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by a driver violating a motorcycle’s right of way. Wear bright colors or even reflective tape can help ensure that cars can see you on the road. Riding with your headlights on, even during the day, is another way to help improve your visibility to cars on the road.
  • Follow the rules of the road. The faster you go, the more dangerous things can become. It’s important to follow speed limits and posted traffic warnings to ensure you’re setting yourself up for the highest levels of safety when riding your motorcycle.

If you’re looking for further ways to improve your safety when riding, consider taking our No Text Pledge. Our motorcycle accident lawyer in Pompano Beach has created a No Text Pledge for drivers and riders alike. To take the pledge, click here.

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