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The Most Reliable Car Accident Attorney in South Florida

As one of the top car accident attorneys in South Florida, Lieberman Injury law deals with many car accident cases a year. The U.S Department of Transportation shows Broward County as being among the highest for car accidents in the state of Florida at 40,324 total crashes, while Miami had 63,157 total crashes in 2017. It’s a sobering thought to realize that our odds of being involved in a car accident in South Florida increase every year that we are on the road—and sometimes it feels more like a question of “when” rather than “if.” That’s why it’s essential to know the best car accident attorney to call in South Florida, and what you can expect when meeting with a car accident attorney.

The rapidly expanding growth in businesses and population in South Florida has given rise to an increase in the frequency of car accidents and crashes. Sadly, many of the most common car accidents involve distracted driving, operating a vehicle under the influence, and the ever-changing weather issues in South Florida. As much as we may not like to admit it, the number of retired Americans is among the highest in South Florida, which is also a likely contributing factor in car accidents and collisions. The number of drivers over the age of 65 involved in car accidents is unfortunately almost double that of drivers between the ages of 15-19.

The main reason to think about these dangers and statistics is because they shed light on population expansion, driver awareness, and the reality of car accidents in South Florida. In a world fully saturated with mobile device distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and unqualified drivers behind the wheel, it’s important to understand how the dynamics are affecting you as a local South Florida resident. Although you can’t do anything to prevent the recklessness of other drivers who cause car accidents on our South Florida roads, you can hold them accountable for the harm they cause. That’s where the expertise of an experienced team of car accident attorneys like Lieberman Injury Law can be of the utmost advantage.

Florida is a no-fault insurance state. This means that motorists rely on their own personal injury protection coverage to pay for less severe accidents. However, South Florida law also allows you to seek compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company if your car accident injuries are more serious. If your case falls under a number of categories – or your medical bills total more than $10,000 – you may be entitled to receive compensation for your losses, and Lieberman Injury law can help.

You’re likely wondering if you really need to hire a car accident attorney to handle your car accident case. While some very simple claims may not require the help you can receive from an experienced attorney, most seriously injured victims of a car benefit greatly from working with an attorney.

When you hire a car accident attorney in South Florida, you no longer have to deal with the insurance adjusters and others involved in your case – we can take care of that for you. As your personal car accident attorneys, we can ensure that all deadlines are met, and all filings and forms are properly completed. We can fully calculate and document the extent of your losses, and then negotiate for an appropriate settlement. While we are taking care of all of this, you can rest and focus on recovering from your car accident, knowing that your best interests are in good hands. You don’t even have to worry about paying attorney fees upfront, because if you don’t win, we don’t charge for our services.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident through no fault of your own, it is important that you speak immediately with a team of qualified professionals who can ensure that you receive the compensation necessary to cover hospital bills, lost wages, and other damages. While every car accident case is different, you can be assured that our award-winning legal representation team is here to help you through this difficult time. The seasoned attorneys at Lieberman Injury Law have handled all manner of car accident cases in South Florida, and we will be here to help you along every step of the way while we fight to ensure that you receive justice. For more information on what you can expect when you hire Lieberman Injury law as your car accident attorney call us today!

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