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What is the Average Wrongful Death Case Worth?

Dealing with a loved one passing is very difficult, putting anyone in a wave of emotions. But this pain is instantly multiplied when it’s a wrongful death. What makes wrongful death horrible is that it wasn’t the person’s time to go. They got cheated out of a longer life. Every wrongful death case is different, but all of them have that one aspect in common.

Regardless of how your loved one passed, seeking legal help can never hurt. The burden of funeral costs, medical bills, and other expenses should not fall on your shoulders, even more so while you are grieving. With the help of a wrongful death lawyer at Lieberman Injury in Lighthouse Point, Florida, you can seek justice and find the closure you need.

What is Wrongful Death?

When people think of wrongful death cases, they tend to shift their minds towards medical accidents. However, this is only one type of wrongful death case. There are many other situations, with some more gruesome. Wrongful death can be anything from vehicle accidents, boating accidents, drowning, premise liability accidents, workplace accidents or illnesses, medical malpractice, to accidental poisoning. What makes the situation a wrongful death one is if someone is acting careless, which resulted in another person getting harmed and then dying. Or if someone was trying to cause harm to someone else, and they died as a result. Despite these situations being accidental, they still have terrible consequences.

How Much are Wrongful Death Cases Worth?

When a loved one has passed due to negligence, you may not think too far ahead. And that’s completely fine. You should give yourself time to grieve. As soon as you are ready, you can decide whether or not you want to pursue a case over your loved one’s passing. Some people choose not to go through with the case because of a lack of information. But, a wrongful death case is almost always worth pursuing. Every case is unique, meaning there is no average amount of money you will receive. However, as long as the proof is there, and you have our wrongful death lawyers from Lighthouse Point, Florida, on your side, you will have a strong case. 

What Factors Decide What the Case is Worth?

Some cases have a payout of millions while some are a couple hundred thousand; it all depends. Some of the things that get considered are financial loss and standing. While no amount of money is enough to replace your loved one, getting money from the case can help you out. 

For example, if your wife provided for your family and you stayed at home with the kids, you may have no income coming in now. Seeking justice will ensure you receive compensation that will cover this income. Any benefits that your loved one had that affected your life will also get considered. The rule of thumb is to consider your loved ones working history, age, education, and health. The point of the compensation is to keep your life as normal as possible. While we understand it may never be the same, you can at least maintain the same lifestyle for your family. 

Another factor that goes into the payout is the funeral expenses and any leftover medical bills. The funeral itself is expensive, and you should not get held responsible, considering the death was unwarranted. The same goes for any medical bills racked up during medical treatment.

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Living life after a loved one suffered and passed from negligence is difficult. It will no doubt take time for life to resemble a little bit of normalcy. However, seeking justice will help with closure. You will hopefully be able to put the perpetrator behind bars and receive compensation to carry on with life. It’s not going to be easy, but sometimes having that justice helps. Not sure if you should pursue your case? Reach out to our wrongful death lawyer in Lighthouse Point, Florida, at (954) 596-9944 for a free consultation.

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