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9 Things to Do Before Filing Claim for Workplace Injury

Suffering from an accident is never a pleasant experience. Suffering from an accident at work can be incredibly stressful. It can be a confusing experience besides being a painful one. While one should worry about their wounds, they can get caught up in finding the correct information or handing over the pending work.

However, knowing the step-by-step procedure can make things a little easier. If you ever experience a workplace injury, the following steps should dictate your route:

Ask For Help

Even if you believe it’s a minor injury, it’s essential to let your colleagues know that you’ve been hurt. Informing your immediate work circle or team is necessary. It will allow them to adjust their expectations from you. Let them take over the work and don’t worry about it.

Ask a reliable colleague to accompany you to get help. If the immediate work team is occupied, try your best to find someone from the other team or anyone from the workplace to accompany you. It is essential not to be alone since you wouldn’t want to be stuck in a situation where you will be forced to divert your attention from your medical care.

Get Emergency Care ASAP

Whether it’s your workplace first aid department or the nearest hospital, getting proper care should be your number one priority after experiencing a workplace injury. If you delay the emergency care, the wound may get severe and lead to further health complications.

Get whatever help you can get. Don’t shy away from getting help, even if it’s a minor injury.

Report the Accident to Administration

If you got emergency care at the workplace, the word might have already reached the workplace administration. However, in any case, reach out to the workplace administration and report the accident. Inform the administration of what went wrong and if the cause of your workplace injury can affect others at work. Inform them of your work status before the accident too.

Inform the administration if you left the workplace to seek emergency care and the emergency care you received. Also, notify them if you took someone along.

Take Pictures

While this point is further down the list, it is essential to take pictures to manage it. If you cannot handle it by yourself, you can ask a colleague or the emergency care worker to take photos of your injury.

You don’t have to record the entire process. Taking a few clear pictures of the wound and the care you received can be enough. These few pictures of your workplace injury can significantly help you file for the claim when you get to that step.

Take Sick Leaves

It is vital to rest even after a minor accident. The body and the mind can quickly go into shock after accidents. You might also experience some side effects of pain medicines if you were subjected to them.

Leaves will allow you to focus on getting better. You can easily go for a thorough checkup or wound repack when you are not occupied with work.

Report Following Care and Symptoms

Keep the workplace administration updated on the status of your workplace injury. Send pictures of the wound, receipts of medical appointments, the care you require to heal fully, and the symptoms you’re experiencing.

It is essential to keep the administration updated for multiple reasons. Firstly, it will create a record of everything that happened and the progress of your healing process. Secondly, it will help showcase your professionalism. Thirdly, the workplace administration and management will be able to delegate your work to other employees or an external resource.

Stay Connected to Your Job

If you feel that you can manage some of your work for a few hours or help oversee it, you should let the administration know. It will allow you to stay updated on projects without pressuring yourself or compromising your health.

Keep a Record of Expenses

Keeping a clear record of all the expenses resulting from the workplace injury will significantly help you file for the claim. It not only helps you recover the direct costs you made on healthcare but also receives compensation for potential losses.

If you experienced the injury when you were close to receiving an increment or promotion, and your injury caused it to go to someone else in the team due to your unavailability, you can get compensated for this loss. You can also receive lost pay if you had to take unpaid leave due to the injury.

Consult With a Personal Injury Attorney

Before filing a claim, speaking with a professional might prove to be significantly helpful. A personal injury attorney can ensure you get fully compensated for all your losses. If your workplace has multiple offices across the country, look for a licensed attorney to practice in more than one state. For example, a personal injury attorney licensed in New York and Florida can be more significant help than one licensed for a single state.

Finally, don’t forget that your number one priority, throughout this experience and otherwise, should always be your health. You can create endless opportunities for yourself when you’re completely healthy again.

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