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When Does Negligent Security in Deerfield Beach Apply to Your Situation?

When you are in a public place, the owner has an obligation for your safety by providing adequate security. If you are injured or suffer property damages, you can seek legal remedies to hold the owner accountable.

They have what is known as a duty of care, where the owner of the business or property must provide adequate safety measures. Failure to do so opens them up to legal claims for injuries and the damages you receive.

Knowing when negligent security in Deerfield Beach applies is how to successfully win large settlements. We look at the different ways negligent security can apply to your situation and how to proceed.

The Establishment

When you are using a business, the owner has a legal obligation to ensure you don’t get hurt and none of your property is damaged. Several places where negligence can occur include hospitals, apartment buildings, businesses, the workplace, schools, colleges/universities, and parking lots/ garages. In all of these situations, the owner has a legal obligation to make sure nothing happens to you on the premises.

For example, if your son is going to school and is injured by bullies who slam them in a locker and steal their phone. You can seek damages in court for the school district failing to protect your child when they are on the premises.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that Florida has anti-bullying laws and must protect your child.  These include teasing, theft, physical abuse, damaging property, stalking, intimidation, threats of violence, and humiliation.

In situations like this, you should consult an attorney immediately and take legal action against those responsible and the school district.

Lieberman Injury Law can help, as we are your go-to attorney for negligence in South Florida. No case is too big or small, and we are ready to take on the establishment to ensure you get justice. Don’t take things lying down and go after those parties responsible for the situation.

Proving Negligence

To successfully prove negligence, you need to show that the security was to blame and the ownership/management knew about the problem. They chose to do nothing, to save money, and did not consider the fact that someone could be hurt.

You can show this by looking at crime statistics in the area or if there were calls of similar crimes at the establishment. A good personal injury lawyer in Deerfield Beach can use these resources to demonstrate a problem and that the owner chose to do nothing.

For example, when you are eating at a restaurant and someone walks in, robs, and shoots you. The owner is liable for your injuries and the property that was stolen during the robbery. Your lawyer should consult the crime statistics to see if there were other armed robberies at nearby businesses. They can also consult with the police to see how many calls were at the establishment in the last 6 months. The information shows that the owner knew about the problem and did not want to hire security guards, install cameras, or holdup alarms.

Cases like these prove negligence on the part of the business owner, and they are legally liable. You can take action against them by consulting with an attorney that will fight for you and hold them responsible for their legal obligations.

Lieberman Injury Law understands what you need to do to be successful in cases of negligent security in Deerfield Beach. Jesse Lieberman supervises and monitors all cases to their successful outcome to ensure nothing is left to chance.

Some Examples of Negligent Security

Negligent security is a broad category with several examples to include untrained security guards, broken/no cameras, inadequate lighting, broken fences/gates, and broken/no alarm system.

Any of these categories means that you have an excellent chance of prevailing with a legal claim and are entitled to damages.

Lieberman Injury Law can help you to decide the best course of action with our free consultation. We know the law and prevailed in many successful cases to ensure our clients receive justice.

We Will Help You Get Justice

Negligent security in Deerfield Beach is a cause of legal action against the business, property owner, and management. Call Lieberman Injury Law today at 954-596-9944 and see how we can help you get the justice you deserve. You don’t have to suffer silently, by bringing in the professionals who will hold the other parties accountable.

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