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Boating Facts – Top Reasons Why People Get In A Boat Accident

Getting Into A Boat Accident Happens All The Time In South Florida

This is the time of year that South Florida residents start prepping their boats to get out on the water. That also means there is a chance you might end up in a boat accident in South Florida. Pioneer Park in Deerfield Beach is packed with boat trailers waiting to use the boat launch. From the Stan Blum Boat Ramp in Fort Pierce to the Homestead Marina, waterways are being filled with reckless abandon

If you or a loved one is injured in a boat accident, you need an attorney who can handle the case. Attorney Jesse Lieberman understands “The Rules of the Road” and maritime law. His knowledge and experience handling these types of cases are what make him the right choice. South Floridians know that when there is a boat accident resulting in injury or death, Lieberman Injury Law is the one to turn to.

U.S. Coast Guard Boating Facts

A 2019 survey by the U.S. Coast Guard offers some sobering statistics about boat accidents.

  • Total number of reported boat accidents – 4,168
  • Deaths caused by a boat accident – 613
  • Injuries caused by a boat accident – 2,559
  • Total Amount of property damage – $55,320,226

Colliding with another recreational vessel is the Number One type of boat accident. This is followed closely by a collision with a fixed object.

If you were injured as a passenger during a boat accident, the driver could be held liable. Before talking to the insurance company make sure you call Lieberman Injury Law. You shouldn’t have to pay for someone else’s negligence.

Boating Facts: The Top 10 Causes Of A Boat Accident

We compiled a list of common reasons people are injured in boating accidents in South Florida.

Operator Inattention

The boat’s captain needs to be aware at all times. They need to know the water, wind, and weather conditions at all times. Tons of people are injured each year from boat captains not paying attention or letting inexperienced drivers hand;e the boat. Some even lose their life behind this, so it is not something you want to risk.

Improper Lookout

You should always have a lookout on board when cruising along South Florida coastlines and Intracoastal water. This is another easy way to prevent a boat accident. Shoals, reefs, shallows and personal watercraft can easily be missed by the captain.

Operator Inexperience

Just because you can drive a boat, doesn’t mean you should. Only an experienced captain should be in charge of piloting any vessel, especially if there are others on it! It is very easy to take an FWC approved Boating Safety Course to get the proper training. Anyone who owns or is planning to own a boat should make an appointment right away!

Excessive Speed

This is another type of boat accident that simply should not happen. Though there is tons of water out there to explore, there’s no need to rush while doing it. The current can change at any given moment, objects can appear out of nowhere and winds can simply be unpredictable. It’s best to always maintain a boat speed that you can manage no matter what comes your way!

Machinery Failure

The last thing you want on a boat is a fire. Or how about the engine dying while you’re crossing the bow of a cruise ship? Proper maintenance is key and could have also prevented 18 deaths and 93 injuries.

Navigation Rules Violation

Knowing how to properly navigate and interact with other vessels is also known as “The Rules of the Road” (or water) and anyone piloting a boat should know them. This is another type of preventable boat accident, that only requires those on the water to be a bit more responsible.


Sometimes when you’re out a storm can pop up out of nowhere. But a simple check of the weather before heading out could help prevent this type of boat accident.

Hazardous Waters

It’s always a good idea for the captain to have the most up-to-date navigational charts. Also keeping your radio tuned to listen for maritime reports of tidal flows and changes in the current is advised. Paying attention to signs in the water will help you avoid costly injuries while enjoying the water.

Force Of Wave/Wake

A rogue or unseen wave is unpredictable and very hard to avoid, truly a naturally occurring condition. An accident caused by the wake of a boat though is something you can more control. These types of accidents don’t occur very often, but they are something it’s best to try and prepare for. Making sure you stay vigilant and make sure you have the proper safety and emergency equipment onboard are beneficial for instances like this.

Lieberman Injury Can Help

If you or someone you know has been injured in a boating accident in South Florida, contact the injury attorneys here at Lieberman Injury Law. We have years of experience and we’ve helped many South Florida residents with their cases. Give us a call today at 800.973.5331!

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