How to Choose a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Motorcycle accidents are often life-threatening ordeals. While it’s possible to escape a car accident injury-free, it’s unlikely to escape a motorcycle accident without injury. Motorcycle accidents are also very costly. Not only do you have the motorcycle to repair or replace, but if you were seriously injured, you must pay for medical bills and lost wages. 

If the accident wasn’t your fault, don’t hesitate to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer in South Florida. When injured in a motorcycle accident, you need the experience of a skilled attorney to represent you. Keep reading to learn more!

Act Fast 

When choosing a motorcycle accident lawyer in South Florida, it’s important to act quickly. The statute of limits for automotive, truck, and motorcycle accident cases in Florida is four years. This is not a long timeframe to build a case. Your attorney has a lot of work ahead. Some of their responsibilities include: 

  • Establishing liability
  • Gathering evidence
  • Reviewing medical records
  • Interviewing/summoning eyewitnesses

It may not sound fair, but insurance companies may use any delay as a reason to lower the value of your injury claim. So it’s within your best interest to act fast. 

Do Research

When choosing a personal injury attorney in Boca Raton, look for an attorney who’s experienced in motorcycle accidents. You don’t want to hire just any lawyer, as he or she may have as much experience as you regarding injury law. For example, a business lawyer may have gone to law school, but they likely don’t know much about injury law. It’s also important not to choose a law firm because you like their commercials, or it happened to be the first advertisement on your search engine. 

Find an attorney who resides in your county or city, as they have a better understanding of the local court procedures and may know the judge and his/her style. Your attorney should know the industry, understand the way insurance companies work, and know-how to get the highest compensation for you, like the lawyers at Lieberman Injury Law. Founding attorney Jesse Lieberman will continuously monitor the progress of your case and will leave no stone unturned. He is knowledgeable about all the different laws that apply to your accident and how to utilize them to support your claim.

Discuss Payment 

It’s important to ask questions when you first meet with your attorney. An important question to ask is how they will receive payment. Most attorneys work on a contingency fee, meaning they get paid only if you win. When you win, the attorney will receive a percentage of your settlement as compensation. Don’t let their pay structure surprise you – ask questions at the beginning. 

Ask Questions

The motorcycle accident lawyer in South Florida should provide a free consultation and case review, at which time, you should ask as many questions as necessary. Some good questions to ask are: 

  • What kind of experience do they have? 
  • What is their case strategy? 
  • Are they confident about the case? 
  • Which attorney will handle the case? 
  • What is the possibility of the case going to court? 

Not only should the attorney answer all your questions, but you should feel comfortable with their answers. Never be afraid to ask questions and voice concerns. If you want clarification on filing a legal claim or other details related to the case, your attorney is the best person to speak to, having spent years in law school acquiring this information. Go into the consultation prepared and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Trust Your Instincts

When you choose a motorcycle accident lawyer in South Florida, the attorney should genuinely care about the outcome of the case. 

Contact us for the best legal representation. We are a dynamic law firm with a successful track record of helping people injured in an accident. Whoever is responsible for your accident must be held accountable, and the insurance company must pay for damages. 

We will get the compensation you deserve. Unlike big law firms, Lieberman Injury Law cares about the average person. We’re not a law firm that’s driven by profits. Call Jesse A. Lieberman today at 954-596-9944.

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