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Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Deerfield Beach Help You With Your Case? Lieberman Injury Law Can!

Personal injury attorneys are great when you need them. But the problem is that many people don’t know when to utilize a personal injury attorney’s service. One misconception is that all they do is handle car accident cases. However, that’s far from the truth. A personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida, from Lieberman Injury Law, can assist you with all kinds of injury cases. Some of the various types of personal injury cases are dog bites, motorcycle accidents, boating accidents, negligent security, slip and fall incidents, and more. Car accident cases are only the tip of the iceberg. If you have recently fallen victim and became injured from an accident, keep reading to see if our team can help you with your case.

A Personal Injury Attorney Evaluates the Case and Collects Evidence

The first thing a personal injury attorney will help with is evaluating the case. You may not know if your case is valuable, but they will let you know within the first 30 minutes of your phone call. A case needs a few factors to be worth pursuing. An expert attorney from the Lieberman Injury Law team can help you do this quickly. Once your case is either deemed winnable or not, the attorney can help with collecting evidence. The evidence is going to be different depending on the type of personal injury case. But one thing that remains the same with each personal injury case is the need for medical records. For motor accident cases, a police report on the accident will be at the top of the list. For a slip and fall case, your attorney may try and get camera footage of the incident. The more evidence collected, the stronger your case will be.

Pursue a Settlement

When the evidence is collected, the attorney will send a demand letter to the company or individual at fault. This letter will state what happened and how you have suffered. It will also ask for a certain amount of money to compensate you for your injuries, time, and losses. This letter is the first step in getting the settlement handled. The at-fault party will have a set timeframe to respond and agree to settle. If they do agree, the case will be over fairly quickly, and your attorney will help you through the settlement. But if the at-fault party decides not to settle, the attorney will help you by representing you at trial. During this time, your personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach, Florida, will prepare your case.

Representation at Trial

If an immediate settlement has not worked out, your case will now move on to trial. But no need to stress, during the trial, you will be represented by a Lieberman Injury Law expert attorney. The first thing an attorney is going to do to strengthen your case is to find witnesses. Having a few witnesses will make the personal injury case more believable and act as evidence. If someone saw your accident or slip and fall, they can vouch for you. Despite evidence helping out, sometimes it takes an outsider’s perspective to nail on the head how horrible the accident was. Once that is secured, the attorney will move on with your case. During the days leading up to the trial, they will prepare your case with research, evidence, and any other resources that may be able to help. On the day of the trial, you can expect to be represented and properly compensated afterward.

Contact Liberman Injury Law Today!

Dealing with an injury that isn’t your fault can be stressful. You may have increasing medical bills, had to change your life because of your injury, quit your job, and more. When it comes down to it, an injury that isn’t your fault should not be your responsibility. When you seek justice with the help of a personal injury attorney in Deerfield Beach, you can get the proper compensation and closure on the incident. To get a free consultation for your case, reach out to the Lieberman Injury Law team by phone at (954) 596-9944.

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