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Dog Bite Cases: Settling vs. Going to Court

If a dog has recently bitten you or a loved one than you may be wondering if it is reasonable to sue. According to the State, those who have been bitten by a dog are considered accident victims and can, therefore, claim compensation for injuries and damages. Usually, there is a list of criteria to go through to decide whether the dog bite needs to go to court or if it can be settled out of court. However, once this list is sorted out and you either settle or go to court there are even more steps to take before you reach compensation. A lot of people reach out to our team here at Lieberman Injury Law asking if there are any benefits that one option has over the other, and realistically, there’s no short answer to that question. Every dog bite case is different and plays out differently once settled or in court. With that being said, we have put together a guide for the advantages and disadvantages of both options to help shed some light on some of the commonly asked questions.

Settling the Case

When you settle a case for a dog bite you are going to have to be present along with your dog bite attorney, the owner of the dog, and the owner of the dog’s insurance company. This is required to begin a discussion on proper compensation for you and your injuries. Depending on a variety of factors during the discussion, the insurance company, the dog owner, or a combination of the two will have to compensate you for your injuries. Settling a case has its advantages and disadvantages such as:


  • You will know how much compensation you are receiving
  • Your case will be resolved quickly and you will receive the compensation quicker
  • Confidentiality
  • You will get emotional closure
  • Your attorney fees will be significantly less


  • You may receive significantly less money than if you went to trial

Going to Trial

Going to trial is another option if you do not want to settle. When you go to trial your dog bite attorney from Lieberman Injury Law will need longer to prepare than if they were going to settle. This is because a trial is a lengthier process and requires your attorney to win over the jury or judge for you to get compensation. Even if it is clear that the dog owner’s dog bit you and was in the wrong, your attorney is still going to need to prepare extensively. This is because the jury or judge will be the ones deciding how much compensation you will receive. It’s also important to know that the loser can appeal the amount of compensation owed. This, however, is unlikely to happen with the majority of dog bite cases. Similar to settling, going to trial has its pros and cons. Some of the advantages and disadvantages are:


  • You may get significantly more compensation
  • You might feel more satisfied


  • You may not win your case
  • You may not get compensated
  • Your attorney fees will be significantly higher
  • The case and trial information is public
  • It takes a longer time to prepare for trial
  • It takes a longer time to schedule a trial

Whether you decide to settle or go to trial the only way to get the proper compensation is with a skilled and experienced attorney from Lieberman Injury Law. Our team knows how to best approach every case and how to get them resolved efficiently. Dog bites are often overlooked as a simple accident; however, they can get real ugly real fast. Regardless of how large the bite was and where it is located, you still deserve proper compensation and representation for your case. With our team on your side we can properly identify f your case needs to be settled or if it needs to go to trial. Either way, we will work tirelessly until you get the compensation you deserve. If you or your loved one has been bitten by a dog as of recent then give our team a call at (954) 596-9944 for your free consultation.

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