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How Can a Personal Injury Attorney Help Me?

South Florida is home to not only Floridians but also to our snowbirds from other states. With so many people in Florida from other states, the driving rules can get mixed up pretty easily. This can be a huge cause for concern if you are regularly driving around, especially on the highways. Without a consensus of the rules of the road, more accidents are bound to ensue. Accidents are always stressful during and after the fact; however, you can always consider yourself lucky if you escaped without even a scratch. The higher insurance rate and car damage are enough to make anyone steer clear of driving for some time, but with an injury on top of all of that and you have a recipe for disaster. In these types of accidents when an injury occurs it’s always critical to have the proper representation on your side. Our team of attorneys at Lieberman Injury Law is here for you, we know you are going through a rough time and want to be there to offer assistance. With our team’s expertise and experience, you will see the justice you deserve.

Why Should I Call an Attorney After My Accident?

Car Accidents have the power to seriously change your life for a few weeks. They usually involve speaking to a lot of different entities about the accident over and over again. This isn’t even the worst part for some; those who are injured have to face medical bills, go to many doctors’ appointments, and seek legal representation. While some people may think legal representation is unnecessary, it can benefit you in many ways after an accident. Insurance companies send overloads of forms for you to sign after you have given your statement to them, some of these forms are fine to sign; however, there are a few that could hurt your case and prevent you from getting the proper compensation. These papers are important for an attorney to have access to so they can properly guide you on what to sign and what to trash. Having a legal team on your side can prevent you from paying money out of your pocket.

When Should I Call Lieberman Injury Law After My Accident?

The best thing you can do for your future self is to call our team immediately after the accident has occurred.  This way we can have a grasp on the case from the very beginning. The longer you wait to call us the higher at-risk you are of signing away some of your rights. When you call us right away we can help you out with the claim and give you advice on how to best approach it. Starting with the claim is a huge step in the right direction as it allows us to have a head start on getting you the justice you deserve.

What Will An Attorney Do For Me?

Contacting a personal injury attorney will secure you justice and compensation. We work hard and fight for you from the moment we give you a free consultation to the moment you are given your compensation. Our team will investigate the claim, gather evidence, and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf. We do this to make sure you are getting the maximum amount of compensation and are not being blown off by the insurance company. Having a representative handle everything for you will ensure you are being given what you deserve. More often than not we see people who handle the insurance companies by themselves get stuck with expensive medical bills and no compensation for damages. This is frustrating and unfair to the victims who did not cause the accident that they were injured. Don’t let this be you, contact us today for your free consultation. Let us help you get the justice you are owed.

For your entire personal injury attorney needs, Lieberman Injury Law is here for you. Our team of attorneys is seasoned pros in all things litigation and will work tirelessly for you. We know what it takes to get you the justice and proper compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today at (954) 596-9944 for your free consultation.

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