Lawyers in the pandemic south florida

Lawyers COVID-19 Pandemic South Florida FL

The High Demand for Lawyers in the Midst of COVID-19

Throughout the course of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a great deal of confusion in regards to how businesses and government agencies function. The drastic changes to the economy have also had an impact on how businesses and individuals cope with the aftermath. This confusion has led to a greater number of legal issues that lawyers are asked to help resolve.

The Legal Ramifications of Affected Employees

When an employee exhibits the signs of a COVID-19 infection or tests positive for the virus, it will be up to the employer to act. However, it’s not enough to simply compel the employee to self-quarantine at home. Employers must be prepared to comply with the Family and Medical Leave Act laws and their own local paid sick time laws.

Failing to remain compliant can lead to lawsuits from employees who cannot access the compensation for which they are legally entitled. For this reason, many employers have created new remote working opportunities. This allows them to restrict affect employees without forcing them to miss work.

Businesses Must Comply With Safety Concerns

When a business doesn’t take action to protect its employees and customers from infection, it may face legal ramifications. This is particularly true when there is a steady influx of people interacting with employees. For example, real estate firms have turned to virtual and augmented reality to show available properties. This allows buyers and investors to view properties without physically interacting with them.

Similarly, businesses in other industries have turned to technology to help them limit potential exposure to the virus. Failing to take the appropriate action can expose businesses to litigation, which is why business owners and entrepreneurs have worked closely with attorneys throughout the pandemic. Retaining legal services throughout this period has helped businesses comply with new laws and ensure public safety.

Contract Disputes Arise From the Economic Downturn

As a result of lockdowns and other restrictions related to the pandemic, every community had to deal with inflation, supply chain issues, and the cancellation of services. In addition to making life harder for the average person, this situation has adversely affected business dealings in every industry.

This situation has led to a significant rise in contract breaches, which the courts must now resolve. From defaulting on real estate transactions to failing to meet contractual obligations in every industry, there are uncounted situations in which people have been unable to comply with the terms of their contracts. It will be up to lawyers and the courts to resolve each of these situations.

As you rebuild your life and return to a state of normalcy, you may find that you’re faced with pressing concerns that may affect your personal or professional life. When you schedule a consultation with Lieberman Injury Law, they can help you understand your rights and your ability to pursue a legal resolution to your problems.

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